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Understanding Your System Health Page

This page gives you a real-time overview of your system's resources, helping you monitor performance and diagnose potential issues.

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A simple indicator (e.g., green checkmark for "Healthy", red exclamation mark for "Critical").


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  • Current Platform Version: The active version of your platform's core software. This is important for compatibility and troubleshooting.
  • Database Status: Confirms a connection to your database. A status of "OK" means connectivity is working.
  • RabbitMQ State: Confirms that RabbitMQ, your message broker service, is functioning correctly with "OK" status.

Analytics Engine

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  • Build Date: The date the Analytics Engine was built.
  • Implementation Version: The specific version of the Analytics Engine codebase in use.
  • Spark Version: The version of the Apache Spark processing engine, used by your Analytics Engine.
  • Max Executors, Cores Per Executor, Max Memory Per Executor: These show configuration settings for the Analytics Engine's resources, controlling how much computing power it can utilize.
  • Max DataFrame Size: This determines the maximum size of dataframes the Analytics Engine can process.
  • Thread Pool State: This provides technical detail on the status of threads, used by the Analytics Engine for parallel processing.

Using the Health Page

  • Baseline Health: Refer to this page for a standard reading of your system's usual operating state.
  • Issue Identification: If you experience slowdowns or errors, check this page:
    • A non-"OK" status for Database or RabbitMQ indicates a critical issue.
    • Changes in Analytics Engine configuration might affect performance.
  • Version Tracking: Confirm the versions currently in use before updates or when troubleshooting compatibility issues.

Important Notes:

  • If a component displays a status other than "OK", seek further documentation or consult your technical support team.
  • The Analytics Engine section provides advanced information for technical users and developers.

Last update: June 14, 2024