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Connections Overview

Connections facilitate the management of datastores by allowing you to share common connection parameters across multiple datastores.

Setup a Connection

When you create your first datastore, a Connection is automatically generated using the parameters you provide. This Connection can then be used for other datastores with similar configuration needs.

Screenshot Screenshot


  1. Click on Add Source Datastore.

    Screenshot Screenshot

  2. Enter the necessary connection parameters (e.g., hostname, database name, user credentials).

  3. After saving, a Connection is created and linked to your datastore, ready for reuse.

Reuse a Connection

For subsequent datastores that require the same connection parameters, you can reuse existing connections.


  1. Open the Create Datastore form.
  2. Select Use an existing connection.

    Screenshot Screenshot

  3. Pick the desired Connection from a dropdown list.

    Screenshot Screenshot

  4. Provide any additional details required for the new datastore (e.g., database name, root path).

Manage Connections

For managing the connections please see Manage Connections.


Using Connections optimizes datastore management by enabling the reuse of connection parameters, making the process more streamlined and organized.

Last update: June 14, 2024