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Computed Tables and Files Overview

Computed tables and computed files are powerful virtual tables within the Qualytics platform.

Key Concepts

Computed Tables

A container created from SQL queries on JDBC datastores, allowing advanced data manipulation (joins, where clauses, etc.).

Computed Files

A container derived from Spark SQL transformations on DFS datastores.

When to Use Computed Tables

  • Data Preparation and Transformation: Clean, shape, and restructure raw data from JDBC datastores.
  • Complex Calculations and Aggregations: Perform calculations not easily supported by standard containers.
  • Data Subsetting: Extract specific data subsets based on filters using SQL's WHERE clause.
  • Joining Data Across Datastores: Combine data from multiple JDBC datastores using SQL joins.

When to Use Computed Files

  • Data Preparation and Transformation: Clean and restructure data from raw files stored in a DFS.
  • Column-Level Transformations: Apply Spark SQL functions to individual columns for data manipulation and cleaning.
  • Filtering Data: Create subsets of data within a DFS container using Spark SQL's WHERE clause.
  • Important Note: Computed files currently do not support joins or union operations. If these operations are required, consider using a computed table or alternative data transformation techniques.

Key Differences

Feature Computed Table (JDBC) Computed File (DFS)
Source Data JDBC Datastores DFS Datastores
Query Language SQL (database-specific functions) Spark SQL
Supported Operations Joins, where clauses, database functions Column transforms, where clauses (no joins), SparkSQL functions

Important Notes

  • Computed tables/files behave like normal tables. You can profile them, create checks, and detect anomalies.
  • Updating a computed table's query triggers a profiling operation.
  • Updating a computed file's select clause or where clause triggers a profiling operation.
  • Upon creation, a basic profile (max 1000 records) is automatically generated.

Last update: June 14, 2024