Profiles Tab: Your Data Asset Inventory

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This tab centralizes all your files, tables, and computed tables for easy management.

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Key Features:

  • Consolidated View: See all profiles in one place.
  • Search: Quickly find specific profiles.
  • Sort By: Organize profiles by various criteria (e.g., name, data store, last modified).
  • Filtering: Narrow down profiles by datastores or tags.
  • Card/List View: Choose your preferred display format.
  • Critical Data Element (CDE) Tagging: Mark important data elements for tracking and analysis.

How to Use the Profiles Tab:

  1. Get an Overview: See all your data assets at a glance.
  2. Search & Filter: Find specific profiles or groups of profiles.
  3. Tag CDEs: Mark critical data for deeper understanding and comparison.
  4. Compare Profiles: Use tags and filtering to analyze data quality and trends across profiles.

Last update: June 14, 2024