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Authored Check

Authored checks are manually authored by a user from scratch via UI or API. There are many types of checks that can be authored through templates for common checks as well as more complex rules through SQL and UDF (in Scala).

Author a Check

  1. After going to Checks tab

    Screenshot Screenshot

  2. On the right top menu, click on Add

    Screenshot Screenshot

  3. Click on Check

    Screenshot Screenshot

  4. You are going to see the Authored Checks Details modal:

    Screenshot Screenshot

  5. Through this modal, a user can create an Authored Quality Check based on the desired field and input specific details of a rule.


The UI will automatically adapt to a specific Check's input parameters.

Author a Check via API

Users are able to author and interact with Checks through the API by passing JSON Payloads. Please refer to the API documentation on details:


Last update: June 14, 2024