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Add Enrichment Datastore

To add a new Enrichment Datastore navigate to Datastores page and click on the Enrichment tab.

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You can also add an Enrichment Datastore when you are adding a new Datastore

Configuring an Enrichment Datastore is a three-step process:


  1. Ensure that the service account user has WRITE access to the datastore
  2. Navigate to the Primary Datastore
  3. Associate the Enrichment Datastore to the Primary Datastore

List of supported Enrichment Datastores

On the following links you can see how to setup each one of them:


  • When the Datastore connection details are submitted, a synchronous Connection Verification operation will be initiated to verify that the indicated Datastore can be accessed appropriately from Compute Daemon.

  • The result of that operation will either return an error message to you on the new Datastore form view on failure, or mark the new Datastore as Connected and initiate an asynchronous Catalog operation on success.

  • If any future Operation is unable to establish a connection to the Datastore - the connected property of the Datastore will be set false. The UI will prompt the user to address any such Datastore connectivity issues.

  • When an Enrichment Datastore is added, it’ll be populated in the main Enrichment Datastore listings along with other datastores:

Screenshot Screenshot

  • Clicking into a specific Enrichment Datastore will guide the user to the credentials page

Last update: June 14, 2024